Sate-of-the-art facilities

Age-Group Based Campus

At Tatva, our buildings and campus space are architected to suit children of designated age-groups and seniority. Our age-group based facility separation is a conscious attempt to bisect aging thoughts with that of the fresh ones. We believe it is very important to nurture children for who they are at their age.

Facilities are more than just architecture, bricks and cement. They need to reverberate the vibe to aid in exciting learning. At Tatva we have imagined the infrastructure with an aim to uphold and promote the sanctity of learning together with the fun of growing up, both contributing for a higher purpose.

While we have designed novel initiatives that keep children engaged with a new form of learning, we have also interlaced technology and infrastructure to act as a key enabler in the learning process. Students are encouraged to proactively share knowledge through projects and public speaking.

In Class Library

We foster a more purposeful interpretation of a library. At Tatva, a library is not confined to a single 4-walled repository. While knowledge itself is not absolute, why should a place for knowledge be?

With an aim to provide access to knowledge of all means and forms, at any time, we have realized our idea of providing access to books, dictionaries and other reference materials, inside all class rooms. Our aim is to ensure students are on a timely path of a knowledge curve of relevance.

Apart from in-class libraries, there is a big central library that includes an extensive collection of books, educational DVDs, audio medias, magazines, newspapers, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and atlases.


Books impart knowledge; but a much better way to learning is by performing a direct experiment of the theories. Going by the proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect”, we have accommodated advanced laboratory facilities to help each child learn and explore things that are taught in class rooms.

Though most lab activities are performed in groups, seldom can everyone in the group actively participate. To realize the sense of a group activity, it is imperative that each one in the group contributes. At Tatva, our Information & Communication Technology (ICT) labs are designed to attract each child so that they can actively participate and individually contribute in active learning. Our expert mentors provide individual attention to each student, and each lab facility is supervised and mentored to ensure a glitch-free and safe environment for children.

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