Our Team

T. Usha


A veteran in the field of academics and a role model for many, Usha leads the academic wing for TATVA and is a full-time Director in the company.


She has lent her expertise in the development of DAV schools, Gowtham Model Schools and Delhi School of Excellence.

A passionate and dedicated academician, she aims to revolutionize school education by focusing on superior quality education and modern technology

She is renowned for having trained over 25,000 teachers and 2000 Principals over the course of 25 years

An avid traveller and a sports enthusiast, she believes that sports is on par with academics, and aims to create a balance between the disciplines for a healthier school culture.


  • A Post-Graduate from Delhi University

Viswanath Sivaswamy

Financial Expert

A financial expert and strategy consultant, Vish leads the Strategy and Financial aspects of TATVA School.


He has a deep passion for education and is a visionary who was instrumental in bringing the TATVA team together.

A child’s early learning experiences have a strong impact on their overall development and success. It is this belief that drives him to create opportunities for students to learn, excel so they can have a positive impact on the society. He wants to contribute to the future by helping children be more conscious and make better judgements in life.

Vish has travelled widely around the world and has created a few companies in India which now have a global foot-print.


  • BE and MBA in Finance

Katamreddy Rangadham

Administrative Management

As a full time Director of the school, he leads the operations and administrative management of the school.


He owns a manufacturing business among other businesses

Having worked extensively in managing customer relationships, operations and maintenance, he is rightly so, in charge of the spoken word at TATVA.


  • Mechanical Engineer

Shahid Ali Khan

Board Member

A full-time Director and member of the board at TATVA. Shahid makes invaluable contribution in designing the school and its philosophy around sports and activities.


Shahid has been associated with the education field for many years. His association with Shiv-Shivani and DSE are well known in Hyderabad. He loves children playing and enjoying themselves and takes care to provide safe environments for their well being. He is also a Philanthropist and makes contributions to needy children for their education.

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