Sports & Co-Curricular Activities

Historically, it has been proven that sports and culture have contributed to a child’s growth and development. It has the power to transform a child, the society that he/she lives in and aids in establishing a sense of belonging.

To harness this collective power, we have ensured that there are adequate facilities and programs designed for physical and cultural activities. The programs imaginatively help our children to reflect on their inner self and their desires to express in the fields of sports and culture.

Sporting Infrastructure

We have ensured what many schools can only dream in creating space and facilities for sports. To leverage facilities, we have created schedules that compel students to dedicate about 90 minutes to compulsory physical/sporting activities. We believe that physical activities should not just be time fillers, they are as necessary as studies. They, in fact, rejuvenate and energize a stale mind and greatly impact a child’s progress.

Our sports curriculum is designed to go beyond normal physical training drills and open field games. We encourage children to do more than just playing cricket and football. Along with our full-sized cricket and football fields, we have a full-fledged swimming pool, an indoor stadium and various other facilities. Our professional and dedicated training staff not only oversee physical sessions, but also ensure that real talent is identified and fostered into the making of a sportsperson.

To ensure hassle-free sessions, we have allocated a full-time nursing staff in case of casualties during the play hours.

Our Infrastructure Consists Of The Following

  • Soccer, Handball and Kho-Kho fields
  • Indoor facilities for: Shuttle badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, and Carroms
  • A 25m*10m large Swimming Pool that can conduct competitive swimming event
  • Lawn Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball Courts
  • Cricket Nets

Debate & Quiz Clubs

Children can take part in debates and quizzing on interesting topics. From science, history, general knowledge and sports, children are encouraged to explore many such topics. This helps them develop social and critical thinking, up their knowledge level and foster an analytical mind.


Children are encouraged to take part in public speaking classes, to allay any fears while on stage or while addressing a gathering.

Crossworld Club

We have innovatively used this game to improve vocabulary as well as create interest in subjects. There are weekly assessments through crossword puzzles. Soon, children will be creating their own grids.

Sparking the Imaginative Mind:

To ensure that a child grows in his/her thinking and development, we foster activities that help them articulate ideas, to think and question rationally. We ensure this by regularizing students’ participation in various literary activities. Students are encouraged to join literary clubs that engage them in story writing, forming crosswords and other idea-generating activities.

Children love to explore. There are thousands of things a child sees and feels ecstatic about and tries to emulate in one way or another. This is a sign that a child is willing to learn and explore.

At Tatva, we believe that as parents and guardians, it is important to indulge by identifying and assessing a child’s interests and moulding young talent to give it the best shape and form. To realize this objective, we have devoted compulsory weekly hours for children to involve in various cultural and social clubs and skill-learning activities.

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