Safe & Dust Free A/C Bus Transportation

At Tatva, we have ensured our children travel safely and are in their best spirits by the time they enter the campus. All the buses are air-conditioned and help us provide a pollution/dust-free transport. To ensure children have a refreshing time, cartoon shows and fun learning programs are aired to engage the children during the journey. Parents can remain worry-free as each bus is equipped with advanced communication and GPS-based location tracking devices. Parents will have timely notifications on the location of the bus and will be informed regularly on the travel status.

We strongly recommend all parents to utilize the available transport facility at Tatva as they can themselves save time and avoid personal travel means that inadvertently contributes to traffic congestion. Availing existing transport facility also gives a chance for the children to socialize and enrich the bonding between them. Currently, we have 12 operating routes with a flexible option of extending the routes to other parts of the city as well.

Route NoLocationPickup PointPickup No
1BowrampetBowrampet Gokul’s Brindavan1
1Devender NagarDevender Nagar Shiva Sai Hills2
1GujularamaramGujularamaram Jacinta Gardens3
1GujularamaramGujularamaram Near Darga4
1GajularamaramGajularamaram Near Andhra Bank, Mahankali Temple Backside5
1GajularamaramGajularamaram Sri Balaji Dundhamula Heights6
1GajularamaramGajularamaram Vokshith Enclave7
2MahadevapuramMahadevapuram VNR Tower A, Balaiah Nagar1
2MahadevapuramMahadevapuram Sri Nilayam Apts2
2MahadevapuramMahadevpuram Yuvan Galaxy Apartment3
2MahadevapuramMahadevapuram Sauda Blooms, Kailash Hills4
2MahadevapuramMahadevapuram Petrol Bunk Beside5
2Dwaraka NagarDwaraka Nagar Sri Rama Krishna Nilayam6
2Dwaraka NagarSanskruthi AvenuesDurga Nivas7
2Dwaraka NagarSanskruthi Avenues Elegant Garnt Apartments8
3Allwyn ColonyAllwyn Colony Phase I1
3Allwyn ColonyAllwyn colony Madhavaram Nagar Colony2
3JagadgirigutaJagadgiriguta Venkateshwara Nagar3
3JagadgirigutaJagadgiriguta Anjaiah Nagar4
3Allwyn ColonyAllwyn Colony Kamalaprasanna Nagar, Sai Nagar Arch, Phase 15
3Allwyn ColonyAllwyn Colony Saibaba Nagar, Phase I6
3Navodaya ColonyNavodaya Colony Pavan Prudhvi Pride Apartments7
3Navodaya ColonyNavodaya Colony Karthikeya Residency8
3Navodaya ColonyNavodaya Colony RS Residency9
3Navodaya ColonyNavodaya Colony Royal bridge Apartments10
3Navodaya ColonyNavodaya colony Sai Priyanka residency11
3Navodaya ColonyNavodaya Colony Vasantha Nilayam12
3Allwyn ColonyAllwyn Colony Sri Sadguru Nilayam, Sai Baba Temple13
4NizampetNizampet Hi Tension ,KPC Lakshmi Praneetam1
4NizampetNizampet Sri varisan nidhi,Venkata Narayana nagar2
4NizampetNizampet Geetika Pride,KTR Colony3
4NizampetNizampet Amazon County4
4NizampetNizampet V S Premier,Near NRI College5
4MiyapurMiyapur Chanukya, RV Avaneendra, Pragati Enclave6
4NizampetNizampet Vazhra Nirman Pushpak7
4NizampetNizampet Aditya LagoonAditya Lagoon8
4NizampetNizampet Crayons School9
4NizampetNizampet Lake Ridge Apt, Nalla Pochamma Temple10
4NizampetNizampet Naga Sree Residency, Srinivas Nagar11
4NizampetNizampet Haritha Towers, Near Grampanchayat12
4NizampetNizampet Bandari Layout Surya Sri Heights13
4NizampetNizampet Sumant Sai’s Trendset, Nizampet14
4NizampetNizampet Maruthi Elite, Water Tank Road15
4NizampetNizampet Hill County16
5Vasantha CityVasantha City Life Appartment, Near MMTS Station1
57th Phase KPHBKPHB 7th Phase2
57th Phase KPHBIndu fortune fields , Willow Block3
59th Phase KPHB9th Phase KPHB ,Behind sujana Forum Mall4
59th Phase KPHB9th Phase KPHB Karthik Residency,Near Prajay megapolis5
5KPHBPrajay Megapolis6
5KPHBKPHBMIG I 164, Phase 97
6Shapur NagarShapur Nagar LB Nagar,1
6Shapur NagarShapur Nagar Qutubullapur main road2
6Shapur NagarShapur Nagar Sri Sai Nilayam, HMT Colony3
6Shapur NagarShapur nagar Near Water Tank, LB Nagar4
6HAL ColonyHAL Colony, Near Geethanjali School5
6GajularamaramGajularamaram Vokshith Enclave801, Vokshith Enclave6
7Allwyn ColonyAllwyn Colony,Prakruthi Nivas Apartment,Dharani Nagar1
7Allwyn ColonyAllwyn Colony, Venkata Papaiah Nagar, Phase 22
7Allwyn ColonyAllwyn Colony Sri Sai Sadan,Phase-2,Allwyn Colony3
7Allwyn ColonyAllwyn Colony Near jala Kanya Hotel4
7Alwyn ColonyAlwyn Colony Tulasi Nagar, 2nd Phase5
7Allwyn CononyAllwyn Conony Sai nagar West face6
7Alwyn ColonyAlwyn Colony Phase-II7
7KukatpallyKukatpally ,Allwyn Colony Phase-18
7Jagathgiri GuttaJagathgiri Gutta, pipeline road KP colony9
7Jagathgiri GuttaJagathgiri gutta Srinivasa Nagar Behind UMCC10
8KukatpallyKukatpally Balaji Nagar, Old E-Seva Building1
8KukatpallyKukatpally Balaji Nagar V R Enclave2
8KukatpallyKukatpally Balaji Nagar3
8KukatpallyKukatpally AS Raju Nagar,Padmavathi Villa4
8KukatpallyKukatpally AS Raju Nagar, Balajivilla5
8KukatpallyKukatpally Bhagyanagar Colony,Global Enclave6
8KukatpallyKukatpally Bhagyanagar Colony7
8KukatpallyKukatpally Shilpa Brindavan Colony8
9Old BowenpallyOld Bowenpally Sriram Nivas, HAL Colony, RR Nagar1
9BowenpallyBowenpally Sri Ram Nivas Apts,Hal Colony2
9Dairy Farm RoadDairy Farm Road Mansarovar Heights, RTC Colony3
9AlwalAlwal Suryanagar Near IG Statue4
9LothukuntaLothukunta, Blooming Dale, Fr. Balaiah Nagar5
9AlwalAlwal Laxmi Nivas Apt Greenwood Colony6
9AlwalAlwal Afterburn Gym, Near Railway Track7
9Suchitra CircleSuchitra Circle JVR vaishnavi towers spring field city pet basheerabad8
9SuchitraSuchitra SV Hostel, Near Hanuman Temple9
9SuchitraSuchitra,Armsburg koundinya Apts10
9SuchitraSuchitra Gayathri Nagar ANR Residency, Godavari Homes11
9QutubullapurQutubullapur Krishna Kunj Apartment12
9QutbullapurQutbullapur Sai baba Temple lane, Bank Colony13
9JeedimetlaJeedimetlaSubash Nagar Jeedimetla14
10KPHB 6th PhaseKPHB 6th phase shiva sai residency1
10KPHB 6th PhaseKPHB 6th phase Sri Lakshmi Nivas2
10KPHB 6th PhaseKPHB 6th Phase Bhagatsingh Nagar3
10KPHB 6th PhaseKPHB 6th Phase Sai Ramya Residency4
10KPHB 6th PhaseKPHB 6th Phase Sushma Arcade5
10KPHB 6th PhaseKPHB 6th Phase Sardar Patel Nagar6
10KPHB 6th PhaseKPHB 6th Phase Vasanth nagar Mathru Nilayam,S S Colony7
10KPHB 6th PhaseKPHB 6th PhaseSivani Sadan8
11Bharat NagarBharat Nagar Bus stop1
11Bharat NagarBharat Nagar Swarnajali School, JP Nagar2
11MoosapetMoosapet SNS Homes Goods Shed Road3
11MoosapetMoosapetMoosapetKiran Heights,Flat No:109,Bharat Nagar Colony4
11KukatpallyKukatpally Vivek Nagar5
11KukatpallyKukatpally Metro Station6
11KukatpallyKukatpally Sumitra Nagar near aanantha law college7
11KukatpallyKukatpally Vasanth Vihar Near ESI8
12BeeramgudaBeeramguda symphony park homes rainbow school1
12AmeenpurAmeenpur, Green Senthan Homes, Narendra Nagar2
12MallampetMallampet, Swayam Krushi St. Near Andhra Bank3
12BachupallyBachupally Praneeth Pranav Zenith4
12BachupallyBachupally Silver Oaks School, KRCR Colony Road no75
13BollaramBollaram Near Sanjeeva Reddy Gardens, Lakshmi Enclave1
13Gundla PochampallyGundla Pochampally Aparna Kanopy Lotus2
13SuraramSuraram, Hanuman nagar3
13GajularamaramGajularamaram HAL Colony Metro Function Hall4
13GajularamaramGajularamaram Sai Arcade, Sriven Enclave5
13GajularamaramGajularamaram Sriven Enclave, Beside Water Tank6
14KukatpallyKukatpally Shamshiguda PVR Sri Sai Hills1
14KukatpallyKukatpally Shamshiguda Sai Charan Colony, HMT Hills2
14KukatpallyKukatpally,Sai Charan Colony,Shamshiguda,HMt Hills3
14KukatpallyKukatpally Ramalayam, HMT Hills4
14kukatpallykukatpally Hmt hills5
14kukatpallykukatpally Addagutta, Sai Ranga Residency, Opp MNR PG College6
14NizampetNizampet, Swapna Sky Deck Apartments7
14JntuJntu HMT Hills, Opp JNTU8
14KukatpallyKukatpally Srujanalayam appartment behind hp gas down Bhagyanagar colony9
14KukatpallyKukatpally Addagutta , Radhakrishna Residency10
14KukatpallyKukatpally Addagutta Ganga Homes, road 7, Western Hills11
14KukatpallyKukatpally Addagutta ,BMR Residency,Western Hills St No 712
14KukatpallyKukatpally Addagutta, Ganga Homes, road 7, Western Hills13
14KukatpallyKukatpally Addagutta,Sai Aditya Pride,Road No 10,Western hills14
14KukatpallyKukatpally Western hills, Addagutta15
14KukatpallyKukatpally Addagutta, Sri Lakshmi enclave, Rd 9, Western Hills16
14KukatpallyKukatpally Addagutta, Hari Nivas, Road no 6, Western Hills17
14KukatpallyKukatpally ,Jala Vayu Vihar18
14KukatpallyKukatpally Aditya nagar,Samatha nagar19
15GajularamaramGajularamaram CMR back side, Allanki Residency, Indra Nagar1
15GajularamaramGajularamaram Behind CMR, Shubham Residency2
15GajularamaramGajularamaram HAL COLONY, Lakshmi Residency3
15GajularamaramGajularamaram, HAL Colony4
15GajularamaramGajularamaram, HAL Colony, GRV Road5
15GajularamaramGajularamaram Venkatadri Hills,HAL Colony6
15GajularamaramGajularamaram BRS Subhanilayam,Ushodaya colony7
15GajularamaramGajularamaram VSR Towers8
16GajularamaramGajularamaram Ushodaya Colony, Srinivasa Residency1
16GajularamaramGajularamaram Ushodaya Colony, Near UMCC2
16GajularamaramGajularamaram,Ananya Sai Nilayam,Ushodaya Colony3
16GajularamaramGajularamaram ,Near Venkateswara Swamy Temple4
16GajularamaramGajularamaram Ushodaya Colony Neemkar Pride5
16GajularamaramGajularamaram, Sunitha Residency, Ushodaya Colony6
16GajularamaramGajularamaram Ushodaya Colony Koustubha Residency7
16GajularamaramGajularamaram Krishnaveni School, Kousthuba Residency8
16GajularamaramGajularamaram, Akshaya Heights, Opp. Chittaramma Temple9
16GajularamaramGajularamaram,Vinayaka Nithin heights,Near Kakatiya school10
16GajularamaramGajularamaram Ushodaya Colony, Vinayaka Pranav Residency11
16GajularamaramGajularamaram Bavani Nagar12
16GajularamaramGajularamaram Ushodaya Colony, satya bhama nilayam near apollo pharmacy13
17BanjarahillsBanjarahills GVk mall opp1
17PunjaguttaPunjagutta Main road2
17AmeerpetAmeerpet BATA ,Sri Nilaya Estates,Yellareddy Guda3
17AmeerpetAmeerpet Srinivasa colony east4
17AmeerpetAmeerpet Vaira Sai Appartment, Srinivasa nagar west5
17AmeerpetAmeerpet, Swarna Nivas Enclave, Opp Aster Prime Hospital6
17AmeerpetAmeerpet, Dharma karam Road,Opp Rosaiah house7
17AmeerpetAmeerpet Dharam Karan Raod ,Millenium Royal Appt8
17SR NagarSR Nagar, Near Bachpan School9
17Sanath NagarSanath Nagar, Vasavi Indraprastha, Czech Colony10
17sanathnagarsanathnagar LODHA Casa Paradiso,Near Fathenagar11
17SanathnagarSanathnagar JK Heights, Besides SBI12
17Sanath NagarSanath Nagar, Subash Nagar,13
17Sanath NagarPoojitha Bar,Sanath Nagar14
17sanathnagarsanathnagar Bhagath singh Grounds15
17SanathnagarSanathnagar,Rajarajeswari Colony16
17ErragaddaErragadda Vasanth Vihar,Sundernagar Colony, Vasanth Vihar, Near ESI17
18KondapurKondapur,Sunrise Classic,Ragavendra Colony1
18KondapurKondapur Kims Hospital2
18MiyapurMiyapur Janapriya Nagar3
18MiyapurMiyapur, Smr Vinaycity4
18MiyapurMiyapur D-mart, sv homes near smr vinay city5
18MiyapurMiyapur, SMR Vinay HI Lands6
18NizampetHi Tension Road,Sai Signatures Apartment, Mayurinagar7
18NizampetNizampet Hi Tension Road Near HDFC Bank8
18NizampetNizampet Hi Tension, Padma Elysium oldage Home Road9
18NizampetNizampet, Maha Lakshmi Estates, Hi Tension Road10
19chandanagarPJR Enclave, West Wing, R V Maanyata1
19chandanagarchandanagar, Aparna Hill Park Avenues2
19chandanagarAparna, Aparna Hill Park Lake Breeze3
19chandanagarchandanagar,Kaizen Tulip Garden,Road No: 5,Madhavpuri Hills4
19HMT SwarnapuriHMT Swarnapuri5
19HMT SwarnapuriHMT Swarnapuri,Rajkalash Street #14,Road #26
19AmeenpurJP Nagar, AVR Homes, Sai Ram nagar Colony7
20KukatpallyKukatpally Bagya Nagar Colony1
20KukatpallyKukatpally,Sai Balaji Enclave,Near K.S.Rao Hospital2
20KukatpallyKukatpally Bagya Lakshmi Nagar, Near KS bakery, Water tank line3
20KukatpallyKukatpally Bagya Lakshmi Nagar,Sathavahana Nagar,Opp.Bible College4
20KukatpallyKukatpally Sathavahana nagar, HMT Satavahana Nagar5
20KukatpallyKukatpally Jayanagar ,Sai Brundavanam Apartments6
20KukatpallyKukatpally Jayanagar Near Gowtam Model School7
20Yellamma BandaYellamma Banda Ganesh Nagar8
20MahadevapuramMahadevapuram, sai balaji complex9
21BachupallyBachupally Bus body ARK Towers, Mayuri Nagar1
21MiyapurMiyapur CG Employee Colony, Kendriya Vihar2
21MiyapurMiyapur, Divya Shreeshakthi, Mayuri Nagar3
21BachupallyBachupally Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Silver Line Casa, Satyam Heights4
21BachupallyBachupally Volvo Centre, Gulmohar HS5
21BachupallyBachupally, APR Pranav Antilla6
21BachupallyBachupally Villa, Pranav Antilia7
21BachupallyBachupally ,APR Pranav Antillia,Kesav Reddy School8
22KukatpallyKukatpally Bhagya nagar,Laxmikalyani Apartment1
22KukatpallyKukatpally Bhagyanagar Colony,Sudha towers,opp to saibaba tempe2
22KukatpallyKukatpally Bhagyanagar Colony, Srinivasam appartment, 3rd street3
22KukatpallyKukatpally Bhagyanagar colony, GGS Maruti Nilayam4
22KukatpallyKukatpally Jayanagar, Bhanu’s Enclave5
22KukatpallyKukatpally Hanuman Temple Jayanagar6
22KukatpallyKukatpally Indian Bank Sai Chandra Residency,7
22KukatpallyKukatpally Indian Bank,Subhodaya Colony8
22KukatpallyKukatpally Bhagya Nagar Colony, SDS Residency, Madhavi Nagar9
22KukatpallyTulasi Vanam apppartment Navodaya colony ntr nagar road10
23KPHB 5th PhaseKPHB 5th Phase Malaysian TownShip1
23KPHB 5th PhaseKPHB 5th Phase Lodha Bellezza2
23KPHB 5th PhaseKPHB 5th Phase, Pelican Homes3
23KPHB 3rd PhaseKPHB 3rd Phase, Park View Enclave, Behind Centrum Mall4
23KPHB 3rd PhaseKPHB 3rd Phase Venu Residency5
23KPHB 3rd PhaseKPHB 3rd Phase, Near Balaji Temple6
23KPHB 3rd PhaseKPHB 3rd Phase Raghav Nilayam7
23KPHB 3rd PhaseKPHB 3rd Phase, Vayuputra Tower, Temple Busstop8
23KPHB Road No:1KPHB road no 1kphb colony migh9
23KPHBKPHB Manjeera Mall, Manjeera Majestic Homes,first Phase10
23KPHB 2nd PhaseKPHB 2nd Phase, Raghav Nilayam11
23KPHB 2nd PhaseKPHB 2nd Phase Temple Bus Stop12
23KPHB Road No:3KPHB Road No:3 Eswar Eye Hospital13
24kukatpallykukatpally Dhanalaxmi Kirana- BJP Office1
24kukatpallykukatpally KSR Towers, Lane opp. New Govt Junior College2
24kukatpallykukatpally, Sairam Srinidhi Gardens, Sangeeth Nagar3
24kukatpallykukatpally ,Sunshine Abode,Vignananpuri Colony4
24kukatpallykukatpally MetroVignanpuri Colony5
24kukatpallyKukatpally,Mythri Nagar6
24kukatpallykukatpally RK Prime, Sai Baba Nagar7
24kukatpallyKukatpally,Metro Heights Apartments,Sai Baba Colony8
24kukatpallykukatpally, Venkatarao nagar,Yashoda Gardens9
24kukatpallykukatpally, Shiva Nilayam, Sangeeth Nagar10
25NallagandlaNallagandla Aparna Cyber Commune1
25chandanagarChandanagar Aparna Hills West Metro Appts, Friend Colony3
25Madina gudaMadinaguda, Gayatri Towers4
25MiyapurMiyapur Indira reddy allwyn colony5
25MiyapurMiyapur, Lantana Block, Bhanu Township6
25MiyapurMiyapur Pranam Hospital, Srinivasa Apartment, Near Dr. Reddy’s F7
25MiyapurMiyapur, Sathavahana Block, RV Avaneendra Appts8
25MiyapurMiyapur SMR Metropolis9
25MiyapurMiyapur, Irish, Empire Meadows10
26DundigalDundigal, Dream One Venture, Gagilapur Village1
26SuraramSuraram Sriram nagar colony2
26SuraramSuraram, Vaishnavi Nagar, Sriram Nagar Colony3
26suraramsuraram,Venkatramnagar Colon,X-Road4
26SuraramSuraram ,suraram colony,hyderabad5
26SuraramSuraram Sunder Nagar, Kushi Hotel6
26SuraramSuraram Lakshmi Nagar7
26JeedimetlaJeedimetla ,sunder Nagar,Suraram Colony,IDA8
26JeedimetlaJeedimetla Aproopa Colony, Janapriya apartment9
26JeedimetlaJeedimetla Durga Temple Road#5,S.R.Naik Nagar,IDA10
26JeedimetlaJeedimetla Apurupa Colony11
26JeedimetlaJeedimetla,Raghava Estates,Apiic Colony12
26ChintalChintal,Sai Balaji Towers,ApIIc Colony,IDA13
27Pragathi NagarPragathi Nagar Madhura Nagar Arch1
27Pragathi NagarPragathi Nagar, Lake View Residency2
27Pragathi NagarPragathinagar,Sri Satya Pragathi Paradise,3
27Pragathi NagarPragathinagar,Raghavendra Towers4
27Pragathi NagarPragathinagar,Sree jaya Pride, Prasanthi hills, Road No 1B5
27Pragathi NagarPragathi Nagar, Sree Hari near pragathi central school6
27Pragathi NagarPragathi Nagar, Sai Residency, Near Pragathi Central School7
27Pragathi NagarPragathi Nagar, Brindavan heights,Bachpan8
27Pragathi NagarPragathi Nagar Siva Sai Balaji Residency9
27Pragathi NagarPragathi Nagar sri Sai Nilayam10
27Pragathi NagarPragathinagar, Opp Lane to More Super market11
27Pragathi NagarPragathi Nagar, Vahuputra Residency12
27Pragathi NagarPragathi nagar, INCOIS Road, 3rd layout, Kakatiya Hills pragathinagar13
27Pragathi Nagarpragathinagar,Vindhyavihar Apts,Near incois Circle14
27Pragathi Nagarpragathi nagar,Mani kanta Residency,Near Kakatiya Hills15
27Pragathi Nagarpragathi nagar, Kalyan Habitat, Prasanthi Hills Main Road16
27Pragathi NagarPragathi Nagar, Quality Pragathi Apts, Elephant Statue,17
27Pragathi NagarPragathi nagar Near Jagan Studio18
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar Ramalayam,Sri sai Teja Enclave,Ramalayam Road1
28KukatpallyKukatpally, vv nagar Kavya Sree Heights,Baghameer2
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar Ramalayam, Madhavaram Heights3
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar Grave Yard,BR Heights,Bagh Ameer4
28KukatpallyKukatpally VV Nagar, Srinivasa Nagar, Medical City Society5
28KukatpallyKukatpally VV Nagar, Medical Society6
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar Ramalayam Sai Baba Kaman7
28KukatpallyKukatpally VV Nagar,Block B,Hemari Towers8
28KukatpallyKukatpally VV Nagar, Priyanka Enclave, near sumana hospital9
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar Harsha Hospital, Seshadrinilayam Sapthagiri Colony10
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar Navyas Dharmastra Residency11
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar Sapthagiri Colony, Near Ayyapa Swamy Temple12
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar SAI Ganesh Residency13
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar RELIANCE MCR Arcade14
28KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar Chandra School Hanuman Statue15
28KukatpallyKukatpally VV Nagar, Sai Laharis Prestige, Opp Heritage Fresh16
28KukatpallyKukatpally VV Nagar,Gandhi heights17
28KukatpallyKukatpally Kamala Prasanna Nagar, Alwyn colony18
28KukatpallyKukatpally,Allwyn Colony,Phase I19
28Kukatpallykukatpally,Sai Nagar ,Allwyn Colony20
28KukatpallyKukatpally Alwyn Colony Adithya Classic21
29IDPL ColonyA2A Life space1
29Idpl to Jagathgiri Gutta roadIdpl to Jagathgiri Gutta road ,Star Homes,near YMS FH,Gandhinagar Road2
29Idpl to Jagathgiri Gutta roadIdpl to Jagathgiri Gutta road Durga Nagar, Sagar Residency, Near YMS Function hall3
29Idpl to Jagathgiri Gutta roadIdpl to Jagathgiri Gutta road Ranga Reddy Nagar, Near Government School4
29ChintalChintal, Padmanagar Phase 15
29chintalchintal,Adarsh Nagar,Opp.IDPL Colony6
29chintalChintal APHB Colony, MAA Heights,APHB Colony,Opp. IDPL7
29chintalchintal, Sumitranagar, OPP. IDPL Colony8
29chintalChintal APHB Colony, Sai Ram Residency, IDPL9
29ChintalChintal, Sai DIamond Residency, IDPL10
29ChintalChintal Suryanagar Colony11
29ChintalChintal, Cherukupally Colony12
29ChintalChintal, Ram Arcade, Sriram nagar Colony13
29ChintalChintal HDFC Bank, Hethuvada Nilayam, Ranganagar Colony14
29ChintalChintal Ridge Towers, Ridge Tower, Surya Nagar15
29ChintalChintal, Star Homes Tulip16
29ChintalChintal, Chandra Nagar17
29QuthbullapurGanesh Nagar, Deenagar, Ramalayam, Street No 1018
29QuthbullapurGanesh Nagar, Janahitha Hospital19
30NizampetNizampet Eenadu Homes1
30NizampetNizampet, Anish Archids, Near TRS Office2
30NizampetNizampet, Perfect Homes, Opp. Kaviitha Jewelers,3
30NizampetNizampet Everest Enclave4
30NizampetNizamprt Road,vertex pride5
30NizampetNizampet ,Raaga Manor,Jai Bharath Nagar6
30NizampetNizampet x Road7
30NizampetNizampet,Krishna Kunj8
30NizampetNizampet, Vertex Pleasant, Brundavan Colony9
30NizampetNizampet Near Bhavyas Anandam10
30NizampetNizampet, Jasmine, Divya Prabhas11
30NizampetNizampet, Green Court, Nizampet Road12
30NizampetNizampet Aditya Nagar,Vijaya Residency,subhodaya colony,13
30NizampetNizampet Srinivasa Colony, Chakri appartments, Near Nest14
30NizampetNizampet Gowtami Nagar, KPC Lakshmi Praneetm, Near AGR Garden15
30NizampetNizampet,The Nest Praneet Happy homes16
30NizampetNizampet The Nest Subhodaya colony17
30NizampetNizampet Aditya Nagar, Arka Cubes,Aditya Nagar,Beside HP Gas18
30Pragathi Nagar RoadPragathi Nagar Road,SLN Heights,Opp.Sbi, Tulasinagar19
31MoosapetMoosapet, Ajay Classic, Road 6, Anjaneya Nagar1
31MoosapetMoosapet Lahari Park View, Anjaneya nagar2
31MoosapetMoosapet, Sai Lakshmi Residency,Anjaneya Nagar3
31MoosapetMoosapet,Sai Classic Enclave,Anjaneya Nagar4
31MoosapetMoosapet Anjaneya Nagar, Saptagiri Apartments5
31MoosapetMoosapet Anjaneya Nagar, Balaji Residency, Road No 96
31KukatpallyTulasi Vanam Navodaya colony ntr nagar road7
32KukatpallyKukatpally VV Nagar1
32KukatpallyKukatpally VV Nagar Opp More Super market2
32KukatpallyKukatpally VV Nagar Opp. Reliance Fresh3
32KukatpallyKukatpally VV nagar,Reliance Fresh Eenadu Colny4
32KukatpallyKukatpally Eenadu Colony,Rama Radha Residency5
32KukatpallyKukatpally Eenadu Colony SRILA HOMES6
32KukatpallyKukatpally Eenadu Colony,Chappidi Residency7
32KukatpallyKukatpally Eenadu Colony, SDS Enclave8
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony G R Prestige Street10
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony, Brundavan Elegance11
32Kukatpallykukatpally,Vijayanagar Colony12
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony Ushodaya Enclave, Road No. 5,13
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony,Brundavan Enegance14
32KukatpallyKukatpally Patel Kunta Park Vijayanagar Colony15
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony, Sri Jay sai Residency16
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony,soumika heights17
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony, Rs Arcades Rd 218
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony,Sri Jaidurga Residency19
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony,Western Heights20
32KukatpallyKukatpally Vijayanagar Colony, Mathru Homes21
32KukatpallyKukatpally Navodaya Colony22
33MoosapetMoosapet Rainbow Vistas1
33MoosapetMoosapet Swanlake apartment2
34GajularamaramGajularamaram Adarsh Nagar, Near Durgamma Temple1
34GajularamaramGajularamaram Metkan Guda, Sarada Nagar2
34GajularamaramGajularamaram Modi Splendour Apartments3
35chintalchintal,Dwarapuri Colony,Opp Ayyappa Temple1
35ChintalChintal, Bachpan School, Venkateswara School2
35ChintalChintal,Shivasai Residency,Padmanagar3
35ChintalChintal, Venteswara Nagar4
35QuthbullapurQuthbullapur, CPR Colony5
35Shapur NagarShapur Nagar, NLB nagar near ps6
35Shapur NagarShapur Nagar, IDA Jeedimetla7
35Shapur NagarShapur Nagar, Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, Sailatha School8
35GajularamaramGajularamaram Imran Hotel, SG Nagar, UMCC Road,9
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Jasmin Garden1
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Mall Reddy Nagar2
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Dwaraka Nagar, Sri Venkata Sai Residency3
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Dwaraka Nagar4
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Dwaraka Nagar Eashani Archade5
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Sriram Nagar Colony, Road no 26
36GajularamaramGajularamaram, GR Constructions, Sri Venkateswara Gardens7
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Pagdi Bal Reddy Garden8
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Balaji Layout, Shri Vaibhav Appts, Opp Chapter One9
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Balaji Layout, Sri Sai Sadan10
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Balaji Layout,Sai fortune Residency11
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Balaji Layout, MR Arcade12
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Balaji Layout, Aishwarya Homes13
36GajularamaramGajularamaram,Sri Lakshmi Nilayam, Balaji layout14
36GajularamaramGajularamaram Balaji Layout,SS Lotus Homes15
37Srinagar colonySrinagar colony, Srisairam manor, Pragathinagar colony1
37MadhuraNagarMadhuraNagar,Near Kalyan Nagar ICICI ATM2
37Vengal Rao NagarVengal Rao Nagar3
37MotinagarKalyan Nagar,Prakruthi Nivas, Kalyan nagar Venture 34
37MotinagarMotinagar Janapriya5
37MotinagarMotinagar Jai Sakthi Enclave6
37MotinagarMotinagar, Ramkrishna Heights7
37MotinagarMotinagar, Sneha Residency, Kalyan Nagar-III8
37MotinagarMotinagar, Raj Nagar9
37MotinagarMotinagar, Monica Residency, Kalyan Nagar Phase III10
37MotinagarMotinagar, Brundavan Appt, BSP Colony11
37MotinagarSivareddy Sweets BSP Colony Motinagar12
37MotinagarMotinagar, Avanthi Nagarthuta13
37MotinagarMotinagar, Jagadamba Enclave14
37MotinagarMotinagar,Snehapuri Colony, Borabanda15
38Jagathgiri GuttaJagathgiri Gutta Asbestos Colony,IDPL Post1
38Jagathgiri GuttaJagathgiri Gutta Asbestos Colony asbestos hills Colony2
38Jagathgiri GuttaJagathgiri Gutta Paparayudu Nagar,Alluri Homes3
38KukatpallyKukatpally vv nagar Vadepally Enclave4
38GajularamaramGajularamaram Ramky One Marvel5
39PragathinagarPragathi nagar, Sv & Sai Tranquil Apt, Near Aleap Gate 21
39PragathinagarPragathinagar,Gothics,Parnakuteer,Silpa Paradise2
39PragathinagarPragathinagar Highland Appartment, Beside Montisori School3
39PragathinagarPragathi Nagar, Sai Hill Top A, Incois Road, Montessori School4
39PragathinagarPragathi nagar, Nest Apartments, Pragathinagar5
39PragathinagarPragathi nagar, Poojitha Classic, near more supermarket6
39PragathinagarPragathi nagar, Ushodaya Residency, Doctors Enclave7
39PragathinagarPragathi nagar ,Kakatiya Heights8
39PragathinagarPragathi nagar, Sri Sai sadan9
39PragathinagarPragathi Nagar Mithilanagar10
39PragathinagarPragathi Nagar,Laxmi Ganesh Nilayam, Elephant Circle11
39PragathinagarPragathinagar ,Sudhakar Towers,Beside Andhra Bank12
39PragathinagarSS Furnitures , SLN Heights, Behind People’s Hospital13
39PragathinagarPragathi nagar, T2 Srilaxmi Residency,14
39PragathinagarIndian Bank,Kamakshi Lake Apartment15
39PragathinagarPragathinagar Indian Bank Ground Floor, srinivasa Nilayam, China Bazar16
39PragathinagarPragathinagar, Sai Krupa Residency17
39PragathinagarTirimala Bakers, Sai Nilayam18
39PragathinagarPragathi nagar Chruch Road19
39PragathinagarPragathi Nagar Satyabhama Jasmine Enclave,20
40HafizpetHafizpet Shilpa Enclave1
40MiyapurMiyapur SMR Vinay Fountainhead2
40MiyapurMiyapur,Uma Residence,Matrusri Nagar3
40MiyapurMiyapur, Matrusri Nagar, Sri Bhavani Residency,Near DAV school4
40MiyapurMiyapur,Matrusri Nagar, Fortune Nest Apartment5
40HydernagarHydernagar, Diamond Estate,CBCID Colony6
40HydernagarHydernagar, Srila Towers7
41Tulasi VanamTulasi Vanam apppartment Navodaya colony ntr nagar road1
Route NoLocationPickup PointPickup No

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